Google Workspace Integration

Linking a Google Sheet to Rollup: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of linking a Google Sheet to Rollup. Follow these steps to connect your Google Workspace, configure it, and use Google Sheets within Rollup for better data management and synchronization.

Step 1: Access Rollup Settings

  1. Open Rollup and navigate to the Settings page.

  2. Under the Marketplace section, locate Google Workspace.

Step 2: Connect Google Workspace

  1. Click on Google Workspace.

    a. Ensure that pop-ups are allowed in your browser.

  2. A Google sign-in pop-up will appear. Select your Google Workspace account.

  3. Grant Rollup the necessary permissions to access your Google Drive and Google Sheets.

    a. access to Google Drive and access to Google Spreadsheets

  4. Once access is granted, you'll see a success message indicating the connection is established.

Step 3: Configure Google Workspace

  1. Return to the Marketplace section in Rollup settings.

  2. Now, you will see an option to Configure Google Workspace.

  3. Alternatively, you can go to the Native Integrations tab under the Connected Services section in Settings.

  4. In the Configure Google Workspace view, you will see available workspaces and their connection status.

Step 4: Manage Connections

  1. You can manage your connection by clicking the ellipses (three dots) next to the connection status.

  2. Disconnect and reconnect as needed to manage your Google Workspace integration.

Step 5: Using Google Workspace in Rollup

  1. After setting up the connection, leave the Settings page and return to your model on the Rollup platform.

  2. Go to any block (e.g., "Launch Vehicle System Design" block in the example model).

  3. Under Attachments, click Add Attachment.

  4. In the integrations list, select Google Drive.

  5. Use the search bar to find and attach the desired file from your Google Drive.

  6. Click on the attachment to access it directly within Google Workspace from Rollup.

Step 6: Using Google Sheets for Data

  1. To reference values from Google Sheets, navigate to a property field (e.g., the "Total Mass" property for the "Launch Vehicle System Design" block ).

  2. Click the data icon with a lightning bolt.

  3. In the Data Sources view, click Add Data Source.

  4. Name your data source (e.g., Google Worksheet) and select Google Sheets.

  5. Choose the spreadsheet you want to use (e.g., Vehicle Constraints).

  6. Test the query to ensure values are correct, and save the data source.

Step 7: Reference Google Sheet Values

  1. Go back to the property field (e.g., "Total Mass") and click the Data Sources button.

  2. Select your data source (e.g., Vehicle Constraints).

  3. Choose the specific value you want to reference within the drop down spreadsheet that is now present.

  4. The value will appear in the field, dynamically updating based on the Google Sheet data.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate Google Workspace with Rollup, enhancing your workflow with synchronized data and streamlined attachments.

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